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Meet The Team At Scratchable Map Ireland

We are the definition of a small business here at Scratchable Map Ireland. We are a one product, four person team based in County Tipperary. Let me introduce the team. I am a history and maths teacher from Tipperary. I play hurling and enjoying cycling and hiking at the weekends. I used to want to travel the world but now I want to see every corner of Ireland. The idea for Scratchable Map Ireland came about after a summer road trip when I wanted a way to check off the attractions I had visited around Ireland. My favourite attraction on Scratchable Map Ireland is Slieve League in County Donegal. 

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Gift Ideas For Irish Travel Lovers

These minimalistic travel prints are pretty cool right? They're designed by Ciaran, an illustrator and graphic designer from Belfast. All of his prints are 'inspired by travel and nature' and 24 of them are of Irish landmarks. You can choose from You can from brilliants attractions such as Glendalough, Glenveagh National Park and Blarney Castle. An A4 print will set you back €15, working all the way up to a huge A1 for €60. You can check out the rest of Ciaran's great work on his Etsy store here.

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The Rules Of Scratchable Map Ireland

What? Rules? For Scratchable Map Ireland? We're going to admit it, we abide by certain rules for our Scratchable Map Ireland. Not just us, we know that some of our customers do too. We've even been asked about 'the rules'. So here is our take on some of the commonly asked questions about using your Scratchable Map Ireland.  1) "I visited the attraction before I got my Scratchable Map Ireland. Can I scratch it off or do I need to go again?" Ok, this one we're not too strict about. For us, we started back at 0 / 62 attractions visited when we got our Scratchable Map Ireland. We hope to visit all 62 again at some stage in the...

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What The Locals Say - Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh boasts several well-signposted walking trails, suitable for all levels of fitness, and even a shuttle bus from the visitors centre to the castle if you are feeling particularly lazy! No matter which route you choose, you will be amazed by the beautiful views of mountains, lakes and glens that await you at every turn. The park is home to a huge variety of wildlife, including the largest herd of red deer in Ireland, and if you’re very lucky you may even spot one of the famous Golden eagles, which were reintroduced to the area in the year 2000, having previously been extinct in Ireland.

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