My Scratchable Map Ireland With All Around Ireland

My Scratchable Map Ireland With All Around Ireland

1. Hi, my name is Kerry. I’m originally from Dublin but have been living in Galway County for over three years now. Before moving to the west I spent 15 years living overseas, mainly in Auckland, New Zealand. Since returning I’ve been determined to explore more of Ireland and the amazing places we have on our own doorstep.

Along the way, I’ve been documenting my travels on my Instagram account and on my website, All Around Ireland. Despite having travelled the length and breadth of Ireland in the past three years, my list of things to see only seems to have grown! I really have been blown away by the amazing places and attractions that Ireland has to offer and I love that my images and adventures have encouraged other people to get out and explore too.

2. Yes I do have a Scratchable Map of Ireland that was kindly gifted to me by the team and I love it. Thanks!

3. Hmmm, not exactly sure but I think it’s coming up to 2 years since I got my Scratchable Map Ireland.

4. So far I have scratched off 44 attractions on the map, so I’m not doing too badly! Obviously travel plans are on hold for a while now but once we can travel again, I plan to get out there and scratch off many others. I’m looking forward to that time!

5. I’m scratching the map alone but my husband José usually gets dragged along on my adventures, so he has been to a lot of the attractions too.

6. My favourite attraction in Ireland would have to be Skellig Michael. It’s such an incredible location and the trip is an amazing experience. It’s one that I’d recommend to anybody, if they get the chance. You can read all about our adventure there and our up close encounters with the Puffins on All Around Ireland

7. Once we’re able to travel again, I hope to get out and cycle the Waterford Greenway. It has been on my list for a long time now, so it will be great to hop on the bikes, take in the stunning scenery along the way and of course, scratch it off the map when we get home!

8. The attraction that is most local to me is Clonmacnoise in Offaly, which is about 45 minutes from where we live. Thankfully, I have scratched that one off the map. Phew! It’s a really interesting place to visit and even better if you start in Athlone and take a boat trip along the Shannon to get there.

9. My ‘hidden gem’ recommendation would be the Rock of Dunamase in Laois. I love visiting here as it’s such a picturesque location and the views are fabulous. There usually aren’t many people around, it’s free and you can get some fantastic shots, particularly if you visit at sunrise or sunset.

10. Pic attached in email!

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