Our Story

Our Story

Vera, Paul & Seamus on a visit to the Giants Causeway

The idea for a scratchable map of Ireland was born in the summer of 2017. I have visited lots of places in Ireland and realised that I would like to keep track of the magnificent attractions that I have been to.

Paul on our latest shoot with Denis Vahey Phototraphy
A quick google search showed me that there was no scratchable map of Ireland,so I decided I’d make my own. Scratchable Map Ireland was conceived.

Enter Cian. He and I worked together for 5 years at Scoil Ruain, Co Tipperary, where Cian teaches art.

Cian with the original drawing of Scratchable Map Ireland

I contacted Cian with my idea and asked him how I would go about designing the map and he told me to look no further. Cian was the perfect candidate to create my vision for Scratchable Map Ireland

My business expertise are more or less zero and Cianisn’t into business or any of that jazz’ either.

Enter Mammy. Fortunately for me, Mammy Vera is an expert at just about most things and she loves a good oul project.

Mam and Paul on a visit to Cahir Castle in County Tipperary

She had been hesitant enough about all of my previous ‘notions’. But this one caught her interest.

We spent the best part of 12 months drawing, brainstorming and WhatsApping to get Scratchable Map Ireland up and running.

Dad is the latest addition to the team. When he is finished walking the dog, he brings our latest order to the local post office for delivery.


Left: Dad shaking in his boots as he attempts to cross Carrick - A - Rede Ropebridge

Right: Dad delivering the latest orders of Scratchable Map Ireland to the Post Office

We hope that you love Scratchable Map Ireland as much as we do.

If you live in Ireland, we hope that Scratchable Map Ireland inspires you travel the length and breadth of the country.

If you’ve visited before, hopefully the map will inspire you to come back and explore the rest of magnificent Ireland.

And if you haven’t been to Ireland yet, well then, lucky you. Endless adventures await you. Track your travels with Scratchable Map Ireland.

We’d love to hear your feedback and particularly love to see your pictures of your Scratchable Map Ireland at home or in some of Ireland’s magnificent attractions.

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