My Scratchable Map Ireland with Kiwi Exploring Ireland

My Scratchable Map Ireland with Kiwi Exploring Ireland

A little bit about you 

Well I'm Jeremy, know to most here in Ireland as kiwi. I come from a small town in the south island of New Zealand called Motueka. Took up photography as a hobby about a good 12 years ago. I'm currently working as an HVAC technician installing and commissioning air conditioning and heat recovery units with in Ireland.
You can find me on Instagram @kiwiexploringireland also on YouTube at Kiwi Exploring Ireland, come and follow me on my journey around Ireland.

Kiwi Exploring Ireland with his Scratchable Map Ireland

Do you have a Scratchable Map Ireland?

I sure do!

How long have you had it?

Umm good question, I think I was near one of the few when you got started. If I wasn't then I was fairly close to when you kicked off.

How many places have you scratched off?

I could scratch off a fair few spots but I've kept it and framed it for when I kick off my YouTube again as I want to scratch them off in conjunction with my vlogging.

Rock Of Cashel, County Tipperary

Are you scratching it alone or with someone?

Just for me and my YouTube.

What is your favourite attraction in Ireland?

Tricky one this, ummm fav spot would be Aran Islands for me. It's old school Ireland and the locals all speak traditional Gaelic on the island. If you ever stop over make sure it's an over night as the local pubs really come alive with local talent with trad sessions, really amazing spot.
Dun Aenghus, Aran Islands, County Galway

Which attraction do you hope to visit next?

For me I'd like to see more of Donegal, I've always driven through and stopped by. So it is on the list for a holiday.

Which attraction from the map is most local to you?

The Rock of Dunamase.

What is your ‘hidden gem’ recommendation?

Ireland's only inland lighthouse, the Spire of Llyod.

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Kathleen M. Long on

Thank you! This was my therapy for a Sunday evening! Be safe out there. I put more details in the e-mail that came in on my iPhone. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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