What The Locals Say - Cahir Castle

What The Locals Say - Cahir Castle

Our second insider track blog post comes from Rachel, born and bred in Cahir, Co Tipperary. Rachel has worked and travelled around the world and she's now back  living and working in Cahir, with a new found appreciation for her home town. No one knows Cahir better than Rachel.

Above: Close up of Cahir Castle on Scratchable Map Ireland

You can travel the world over, but you will always come home, when I do, this is my ‘Perfect Day’ in Cahir.

Cahir Castle

First is first, hit up Cahir Castle, the obvious choice but it is a must. Beautiful and completely in your face, smack bang in the middle of the town, you can’t miss it! Totally taken for granted by us, ‘the townies’ but it truly is a stunning piece of our heritage. After your tour head down around the corner and go give the ducks some love, head over the wooden bridge and take a walk around the ‘inch field’. Slightly bigger than an inch and dotted with stunning hand-crafted wooden historical sculptures, amazing talent on show.

Cahir Castle, County Tipperary


Okay so you must be hungry by now and there is one seriously good option. Head to lunch in Lava Rock Restaurant. You can expect a nice long lazy lunch with a glass of wine if you're so inclined (I always am!) This food is epic and although priced slightly higher than other eateries in the town, it really is worth the dosh!

The Swiss Cottage

Ready to roll yourself out? The absolute pinnacle of the town and my number one will always be a trip to the Swiss Cottage, not only because my mammy works there, but because it is the most unique and stunning heritage site in Tipperary, in my biased opinion. You can walk or drive. The walk, about 2km down, will take you through the vibrant memorial garden, past Cahir GAA pitches, Cahir golf club and all along the winding river Suir. If you get the weather and its summer time, you won’t see green as vibrant as on this walk, it catches my breath every time. Grab your guided tour of the Swiss Cottage from my cracked mother or any of the ladies below and tell them I sent you!!!

Swiss Cottage, Cahir, County Tipperary

Morrissey's Pub

By now you must be thirsty, so finish your day with a pint of Guinness in Morrissey's Pub– sit at the window for some quality people watching with the view of Cahir Castle. I am unsure of which will be more exciting; the characters you are likely to observe or the castle itself….

Cahir town might be small but it's full of charm and character.


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Anne Cunningham on

If ur driving u should def visit glengarra woods. They are gorgeous all year round and have picnic benches and water to paddle in. A lazy bean chai latte is also a must

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