The Rules Of Scratchable Map Ireland

The Rules Of Scratchable Map Ireland

What? Rules? For Scratchable Map Ireland?

We're going to admit it, we abide by certain rules for our Scratchable Map Ireland. Not just us, we know that some of our customers do too. We've even been asked about 'the rules'. So here is our take on some of the commonly asked questions about using your Scratchable Map Ireland.

 1) "I visited the attraction before I got my Scratchable Map Ireland. Can I scratch it off or do I need to go again?"

Scratchable Map Ireland

Ok, this one we're not too strict about. For us, we started back at 0 / 62 attractions visited when we got our Scratchable Map Ireland. We hope to visit all 62 again at some stage in the future. There's no hurry, right? 

What do you think? Scratch off all of the attractions that you have visited? Or start again at zero when you receive your map?

2) "I’m scratching off my map with my boyfriend. I’ve visited the attraction before but he hasn’t. Can we scratch it off?"

A couple with their Scratchable Map Ireland

We feel a lot more strongly on this one! You can, but you definitely shouldn't. If you're in it together, you're in it together. 

Our take: Only scratch off the attractions that you have visited together.

What are your thoughts? Scratch off the places that you have been to individually or just the ones that ye have visited together?

3) "I’ve seen the attraction, but I haven’t visited it. Can I scratch it off or do I need to visit?"

Scratching Off The Rock Of Cashel

No grey area here. You have to visit the attraction to scratch it off. Driving by the Rock Of Cashel won't do. Seeing Spike Island from Cobh Harbour just doesn't cut it. And looking at Newgrange over the ditch isn't enough. Right? Join the queue!

Ok, you can just admire the view of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks and scratch it off. You didn't do the whole Waterford Green, scratch away. Scrabo Tower was closed but I got a great photo. It's up to you. 

What is your opinion on this one?


Group of friends at the Rock Of Cashel

Do you follow any rules for your Scratchable Map Ireland? Let us know in the comments.

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Admiring their Scratchable Map Ireland

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