My Scratchable Map Ireland with Orlaith from Dublin

My Scratchable Map Ireland with Orlaith from Dublin

A little bit about me

We’re a couple in our twenties living in Dublin.

How Long have you had your Scratchable Map Ireland?

We have had the Scratchable Map since February 2019.

Did you buy it yourself or receive it as a gift?

We bought it ourselves after a friend recommended it to us.


Orlaith - My Scratchable Map Ireland

 Pic: At the Irish National Stud

How many of the attractions have you scratched off your map so far?

We have scratched off 19 attractions in various counties across all 4 provinces.

Which attraction on Scratchable Map Ireland is your favourite? And why?

Sliabh League in Co. Donegal. This was our favourite as we ventured up the winding roads leading up to the beautiful cliffs and made it just in time for sunset.

Where do you hope to visit next?

We had plans to go abroad for the summer but due to Covid-19 those plans have fallen through, but thanks to the Map we have plenty ideas of places to visit when restrictions are lifted. We are now very much looking forward to either travelling to Kerry to see Fungi the Dolphin or Antrim for the Giant’s Causeway, while also scratching off a few other attractions on the way!

Did you scratch off the attractions that you visited before before your Scratchable Map Ireland? Or did you 'start afresh' when you got your map?

We came up the idea of only scratching off the attractions which we have both visited together – we look at the map to plan ideas for weekend trips away.

Did your Scratchable Map Ireland help you to discover any new attractions? If so, which ones?

We loved our visit to the Japanese Gardens and The National Stud in Co. Kildare. We enjoyed being able to admire the beautiful horses, some of which are very well known in the racing world, and the Japenese Gardens are so tranquil and definitely worth a visit. It’s the one place we are eager to visit again soon!

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