My Scratchable Map Ireland with Brenagh from Carlow

My Scratchable Map Ireland with Brenagh from Carlow

Brenagh at Cliffs Of Moher

A little bit about me

I am originally from Mayo, but I currently live in Carlow. I work as an EMT with a private ambulance company. My hobbies would include baking and I love going for walks and adventures exploring new places. My family are still in Mayo and include my mum, my older brother and younger sister. 

When did you get your Scratchable Map Ireland?

I have had my scratch map since January 2019

Did you buy it yourself or receive it as a gift?

" I thought it would be a fantastic bucket list of places in Ireland that we could visit together."

I bought it myself as my boyfriend will not fly or go near a plane. So I thought it would be a fantastic bucket list of places in Ireland that we could visit together.

How many of the attractions have you scratched off your map so far?

We have scratched off 11 places so far.

Which attraction on Scratchable Map Ireland is your favourite? And why?

There are nearly too many beautiful places on it to pick a favourite. But I think Hook Lighthouse has to be one of my favourites spots, as it is where me and my boyfriend went on our first trip together and I have loved it there ever since.

Hook Lighthouse, County Wexford

Where do you hope to visit next?

Next I would love to visit Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and the Titanic Experience. It was winter time when we visited the Giants Causeway and we went to the rope bridge but the weather was too bad and it was closed. So I definitely want to go back there to experience that.

Brenagh at The Giant's Causeway

Did you scratch off the attractions that you visited before your Scratchable Map Ireland? Or did you 'start afresh' when you got your map?

We had scratched off a few places before we got our Scratchable Map Ireland but we have only scratched off places on the map that myself and my boyfriend have been together. So for example, we live in Carlow and we have both been to the dolmen separately but we have not gone there together yet so we have not scratched it off on our map yet 🤣🙈

Brownshill Dolmen, County Carlow

Did your Scratchable Map Ireland help you to discover any new attractions? If so, which ones?

Yes theres a few places on the map that we probably would have never thought of going to like Sean's Bar or the National Stud but since they are on the map, we will try to go see them so we can scratch them off.

The National Stud, County Kildare

Have a picture of your Scratchable Map Ireland you'd like to share with us?

Yes. We have just bought a house and the scratch map is proudly up on the wall in the hallway.

Framed Scratchable Map Ireland

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