5 Great Reasons To Holiday At Home This Summer

5 Great Reasons To Holiday At Home This Summer

1) It’s Safer

Corona Virus numbers are low in Ireland. But experts have warned that the risks involved with foreign travel are high. Many recent cases of Covid-19 are associated with overseas travel. Recently retired chief medical officer Dr. Tony Holohan asked people not to travel abroad for their summer holidays this year.

 Foreign Travel

2) You Will Be Supporting Local Businesses

Pubs, restaurants, hotels and anyone else who depended on the 9 million annual overseas visitors have suffered hugely over the last 4 months.

2 million Irish residents usually leave Ireland every July & August. That’s 2 million people who will be looking for a break and could give a much-needed boost to tourism businesses by holidaying in Ireland. Remember, 1 in 9 people in Ireland are employed in the tourism sector. 

 Support Local Businesses

3) You Will Save Money And Time

Less flying and less travel will mean more money in your pocket and time for what matters. With little or no visitors coming from abroad this summer, hotels and tour companies are sure to have good deals and competitive prices to attract people looking for a holiday at home. Instead of spending hours on end waiting and traveling you can spend your time relaxing in the great outdoors or our brilliant bars, cafes or restaurants.

 Save Money

4) You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We’ve learned in recent years about the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and the massive impact flying has. Choosing to holiday at home will have a much lower carbon footprint than any trip that involves a flight.

 Carbon Footprint

5) Explore That Part Of Ireland You’ve Been Meaning To See For Ages

Everybody has one. That place you’re mad to visit but just haven’t gotten around to it. Which attraction is it for you? For us, it’s the Burren. We’ve been. We’ve seen some of it. But we want to see every corner of its 1500 hectares – hiking, cycling, guided tours, the works.

Exploring Ireland

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Where will you go next?

Choosing your next destination on Scratchable Map Ireland


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