1,000 maps - 100 trees - 1 year

1,000 maps - 100 trees - 1 year

Did You Know?

Ireland's forest cover is the lowest of all European countries. Only 11% of Irish land is forest. This is way behind the European average, which is 30%. Worse again, only 2% of Ireland is covered by native trees.

Our First Birthday

In July of this year, we turned one year old. We were delighted to have reached our goal of selling 1,000 maps and we wanted to do something positive to celebrate.

Scratchable Map Ireland

We are aware that, like many businesses, we have a carbon footprint. Paper maps, cardboard packing and delivery all have an impact on our footprint.

We make every effort to keep our impact as small as possible. Scratchable Map Ireland is printed in Ireland and the packaging is minimal and is 100% recyclable. We are proud of these facts, but we are also aware of our responsibility to the environment and to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Negative and frightening news about climate change, stories like the amazon rainforest burning and discovering that Ireland, the green isle, has the least forest in all of Europe has guided our desire to have a positive impact to a clear decision - to plant trees.


Hometree Logo

After lots of research on ways to offset our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment locally, we found hometree. Based in moy hill farm in County Clare, their goal is simple - plant more trees. They are a registered charity and have already planted more than 25,000 native trees. Their plan is to plant 60,000 trees.

And we want to help.

Tree planting at Hometree

We are very proud to have committed to planting 100 trees to celebrate our first 1,000 maps sold and our first year in business. We did this to become carbon negative.

Our aim is to plant 100 trees for every 1,000 maps that we sell. So now, when we reach the 2,000 sales milestone, we will have two reasons to celebrate!

We are looking forward to visiting Moy Hill farm in December to help out with planting. We'll be sure to share the experience.

Oak Leaf

 If you'd like to find out more about Hometree and their amazing work visit http://www.hometree.ie/.


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